This is used for the construction of underpads , adult diapers , sanitary pads either as a backsheet or for individual wrapping.


  • It is co-extruded and is usually LDPE blend , so that the film has a “paper like” feeling, so to be soft and not to slip .
  • It has excellent run ability, it is perfectly rolled with controlled tension.
  • Usually is white colored , or light blue or light pink or light green but can be produced in any color according to customer’s demand.
  • It can be printed by flexographic method up to 6 colors.
  • It is “corona treated” according to customer’s request .
  • The tensile strength at machine and cross direction are controlled and measured on every batch .
  • Thickness is controlled “on line” of extrusion process and corrected automatically. Minimum thickness starts from 15 microns.
  • The tolerances in thickness are equal or lower than the industry standards.
  • It is supplied in rolls , of various widths , usually 325 mm , 600 mm .
  • Outer roll diameter is according to customer’s demand and can be up to 1200 mm .
  • On every roll there is a label with bar code, total net and gross weight , total linear meters , and lot number. So that there can be a full traceability .