What are drawstring bags:

Drawstring bags are side weld bags that have 1 or 2 pairs of drawstrings attached which help the user to close and re-open the bag and protect the content. The bag is opened and reclosed again and again as many times as the user wants.

The drawstrings , are also unique because the user can hang the bag from its drawstrings.

The Drawstring bag is one of the most user friendly bags.

Products to pack inside drawstring bags:

the biggest amount of drawstring bags is consumed from the industry of hydrophilic cotton.(hygienic good industry) Cotton pads are packed inside drawstring bags. Cotton pleats are packed also inside drawstring bags , as well as cotton balls and cotton swabs.

Drawstring bags offer protection to the cotton and also the user easily hangs the bag in the bathroom .

Drawstring bags are used for laundry bags for hotels .

Drawstring bags are used to pack various parts (like vehicle parts)

Drawstring bags are used also for bread packaging.

Drawstring bags dimensions

are made according to customer wishes.

Minimum width of drawstring bags is 80 mm

Maximum width of drawstring bags is 450 mm

Minimum length of drawstring bag is 120 mm

Maximum length of drawstring bags is 600 mm

Drawstring bags thickness:

it can be according to customer’s wishes .

We have made drawstring bags from 0,03 mm (30 microns) up to 0,12 mm(120 microns ) thick .

Drawstring bags are usually made

by virgin Low Density Polyethylene. The environmentally friendly polyethylene can be recycled easily .

Also it can be produced by Polypropylene.

The drawstring bag can be transparent or white or any other color.

Drawstring bags can be printed:

yes the bags can be printed with photographic quality images –high definition flexographic printing up to 10 colors. By using the basic Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black color , we can print hundreds of various colors and high definition images on both sides of the bag.

Drawstring bags types:

these are top filled drawstring bags which means drawstring bags that are filled from the side of the drawstrings.

Bottom filled drawstring bags : these are drawstring bags that are filled from the opposite side of drawstrings .

Drawstring bags can be made with flap and wicket holes for automatic packaging .

We can add in every drawstring bag , holes of various diameters, ventilation Y shaped holes , various perforations , top or bottom gusset (folding) .

Drawstring Bags strings are made of cotton.

But recently there are attempts to produce them from plastic ,so the bag can be more easily recycled.

Up to now the final user of each drawstring bag is able to cut the drawstring by scissors and fully recycle the plastic bag , and the cotton string (but separately)

The strings of drawstring bags

can be white color , but also any other color can be chosen such as red, blue , green etc .

Drawstring bags are unique ! It is the most convenient re-closable bag in the world .

You pull the strings and close the bag !

You protect your product from dust , from pollution, from humidity.

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